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Meet the Frenchies



25lbs Health Tested

Hanna is a gorgeous blue with tan points. She is short, thick, and compact. Hanna is a very lazy Frenchie! She finds a comfy spot and will lay there for hours. She is super sweet-- she loves to cuddle and gives the best kisses! She can produce a variety of coat colors and patterns in her offspring. 


26lbs Health Tested

Apollo is an extremely unique blue harlequin French bulldog! He is absolutely stunning! Structurally, he’s thick with a short neck and amazing head. Apollo has a spirited, fun-loving personality. He loves every person and animal he meets! Apollo can create a variety of colors in his offspring in both standard and long-haired coats.



22lbs. Health tested

Chloe is a gorgeous lilac platinum frenchie! She has a soft coat and big, expressive eyes. Her overall structure is optimal! Her sweetness and charm instantly win over everyone that meets her. Chloe’s gentle spirit has made her an invaluable treasure to our family!  Chloe can produce many colors as well as both standard and long haired (fluffy) coats in her offspring, due to her impressive genetics.


15lbs Health Tested

Bruno has an eye catching light silvery lilac coat with warm tan points.  His eyes change between blue and green depending on the day! Bruno was chosen as a stud based on his small, compact size. He packs a lot of muscle into his petite frame! He’s still young and continuing to fill out. We are excited to see his head pop with maturity! He’s a super sweet little guy with an outgoing spirit. Bruno can produce both long haired (fluffy) and standard coats in a variety of colors because of his diverse genetics.



18lbs. Health tested

Coco is brindle with a beautiful red fawn base. Her stripes are a lovely copper color. She is "mini" in size, but has the biggest personality of our Frenchie pack! She is very eager to please and insists on being the center of attention. Her offspring can be a variety of colors due to her genetic composition. 


24lbs Health Tested

Bristol is a beautiful blue fawn. She is extremely loyal, smart and laid back. She loves being told she’s pretty and loves being dressed up! There really isn’t anyone or anything that Bristol doesn’t love. Her puppies can be a variety of colors due to her genetics. 



26lbs Health Tested

Diesel is a captivating deep lilac color with tan pointed feet. His coat is extremely thick, soft and luxurious  His ultra light eyes are mesmerizing against his rich coat. This guy loves our kids unconditionally. Truly their best friend. He’s incredibly loyal and an absolute love bug! Playing fetch is his most favorite activity!  Diesel can produce many color possibilities in his offspring and can also make long haired “fluffy” coats.


22lbs Health Tested

Phoebe is a lush, super soft, long-haired (aka "fluffy") french bulldog. Structurally, Phoebe is short, thick, and compact. She is lilac with tan points and has beautiful golden-green eyes! She is very playful and affectionate. She loves our pool, playing catch, and going for long walks. She can produce both long-haired and standard coats in a variety of color options. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-30 at 5.09.42 PM.png


18lbs. Health tested

Misty is sweet as can be! She has an exotic light lilac merle coat with beautiful blue-green eyes. Misty is a petite girl that believes she is much bigger than she is! Her huge personality brings daily laughs to our home. She's very smart, adventurous, and most importantly, loving! She can produce of variety of colors in her offspring. 


26 lbs. Health tested

Bella is a beautiful lilac sable with green eyes. She is super wrinkly, with a large boxy head and compact body. Her maternal instinct is very strong. She believes she’s the mom of every puppy born in our home! She helps the other moms raise their babies. She’s very affectionate, well trained and extremely intelligent. Bella is also protective of her human kids. She loves them very much! We cannot imagine our home without Bella in it. She can produce a variety of coat colors in her offspring.

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